Friday, September 4, 2009

Game Template

I missed doing this, I will fill it in now that I've got it up.


Student Name_____________________

Today’s Date_______________________

Game Title Examined________________________

Year of Publication_________________________

Game Publisher______________________

Game Developer ___________________________

Game Genre (e.g. shoot-em-up, racing, sports, puzzle, MMORPG, ‘sandbox’, music sequence following game (e.g. DDR, guitar hero)

Type of game ‘world’ or environment (e.g. flat environment, puzzle/maze space, 3D world?)

Perspective taken by player (e.g first person, third person perspective, top down, isometric) in relation to main player controlled character.

Gameplay – what does the player have to do?

Is the gameplay intuitive? (i.e. is it easy to understand what to do without instructions?) describe.

Is the gameplay patterned (game does the same thing over & over) or is it random (happens differently every time?)

What does the type of graphic approach used as well as the audio tell you about the limits of the technology at the time the game was published?

Describe your views about the game from the point of view of

  1. ease of play

  1. enjoyability

c) level of engagement/immersion

Had you played this game prior to this time? If so, when?

Describe other games it reminds you of. How does it do this?

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